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Changhua County
Chang-hua (Zhanghua)
Chiayi City
Chia-i (Jiayi)
Chiayi County
Chia-i (Jiayi)
Hsinchu City
Hsin-chu (Xinzhu)
Hsinchu County
Hsin-chu (Xinzhu)
Hualien County
Hua-lien (Hualian)
Ilan County
I-lan (Yilan)
Kaohsiung City
Kao-hsiung (Taibei)
Kaohsiung County
Kao-hsiung (Gaoxiong)
Keelung City
Chi-lung (Jilong)
Miaoli County
Nantou County
Penghu County
(Pescadores Islands) Peng-hu
Pingtung County
Ping-tung (Pingdong)
Taichung City
Tai-chung (Taizhong)
Taichung County
Tai-chung (Taizhong)
Tainan City
Tainan County
Taipei City
Tai-pei (Gaoxiong)
Taipei County
Tai-pei (Taibei)
Taitung County
Tai-tung (Taidong)
Taoyuan County
Yunlin County


  • Travel in Taiwan - Information for visitors. For centuries Taiwan has been familiar to the West as Formosa, a name derived from the 16th century Portuguese mariners who, on sighting the island from a galleon, named it "Ilha Formosa!" (Beautiful Island!). Information provided is from Travel in Taiwan monthly. (Added: 16-Jul-2004 Hits: 37)

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