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World Index : The_Americas_and_Caribbean/ Northern_America/ USA/ South_Dakota

See below for our index of South_Dakota by county. Click here for an index of South_Dakota Hotels listed by City.
Aurora County
Includes:- Aurora Center, Plankinton, Stickney, Storla, White Lake, and the townships of Aurora, Belford, Bristol, Center, Cooper, Crystal Lake, Dudley, Eureka, Firesteel, Gales, Hooper, Lake, Palatine, Patten, Plankinton, Pleasant Lake, Pleasant Valley, Truro, Washington, White Lake.
Beadle County
Includes:- Broadland, Cavour, Hitchcock, Huron, Iroquois, Virgil, Wessington, Wolsey, Yale, and the townships of Allen, Altoona, Banner, Barrett, Belle Prairie, Bonilla, Broadland, Burr Oak, Carlyle, Cavour, Clifton, Clyde, Custer, Dearborn, Fairfield, Foster, Grant, Hartland, Iowa, Kellogg, Lake Byron, Liberty, Logan, Milford, Nance, Pearl Creek, Pleasant View, Richland, Sand Creek, Theresa, Valley, Vernon, Wessington, Whiteside, Wolsey.
Bennet County
Includes:- Allen, Martin, and divided into East Bennett and West Bennett.
Bon Homme County
Includes:- Avon, Scotland, Springfield, Tabor, Tyndall, and divided into Northeast Bon Homme, Northwest Bon Homme, Southeast Bon Homme, Southwest Bon Homme.
Brookings County
Includes:- Arlington, Aurora, Brookings, Bruce, Bushnell, Elkton, Sinai, Volga, White, and the townships of Afton, Alton, Argo, Aurora, Bangor, Brookings, Elkton, Eureka, Lake Henricks, Lake Sinai, Laketon, Medary, Oak Lake, Oakwood, Oslo, Parnell, Preston, Richland, Sherman, Sterling, Trenton, Volga, Winsor.
Brown County
Includes:- Aberdeen, Claremont, Columbia, Frederick, Groton, Hecla, Stratford, Verdon, Warner, Westport, and the townships of Aberdeen, Allison, Bates, Bath, Brainard, Cambria, Carlisle, Claremont, Columbia, East Hanson, East Rondell, Franklyn, Frederick, Garden Prairie, Garland, Gem, Greenfield, Groton, Hecla, Henry, Highland, Lansing, Liberty, Lincoln, Mercier, New Hope, North Detroit, Oneota, Ordway, Osceola, Palmyra, Portage, Prairiewood, Putney, Ravinia, Richland, Riverside, Savo, Shelby, South Detroit, Warner, West Hanson, Westport, West Rondell.
Brule County
Includes:- Chamberlain, Kimball, Pukwana, and the townships of America, Brule, Chamberlain, Cleveland, Eagle, Highland, Kimball, Lyon, Ola, Plainfield, Pleasant Grove, Plummer, Pukwana, Red Lake, Richland, Smith, Torrey Lake, Waldro, West Point, Wilbur, Willow Lake, Union, and the territory: Grandview.
Buffalo County
Includes:- Fort Thompson, the township of Elvira, and the territories of Crow Creek, North Buffalo, and Southeast Buffalo.
Butte County
Includes:- Belle Fourche, Fruitdale, Newell, Nisland, the townships of Union, Vale, the territories of East Butte and West Butte.
Campbell County
Includes:- Artas, Herreid, Mound City, Pollock, in the territories of North Campbell and South Campbell.
Charles Mix County
Includes:- Dante, Geddes, Lake Andes, Marty, Pickstown, Platte, Ravinia, Wagner, the townships of Bryan, Carroll, Choteau Creek, Darlington, Forbes, Goose Lake, Hamilton, Highland, Howard, Jackson, Kennedy, La Roche, Lake George, Lawrence, Lone Tree, Moore, Platte, Plain Center, Rhoda, Roe, Rouse, Signal, Waheheh, White Swan, and the territory of Castalia.
Clark County
Includes:- Bradley, Clark, Garden City, Naples, Raymond, Vienna, Willow Lake, the townships of Ash, Blaine, Collins, Cottonwood, Darlington, Day, Eden, Elrod, Fordham, Foxton, Garfield, Hague, Lake, Lincoln, Logan, Maydell, Merton, Mount Pleasant, Pleasant, Raymond, Richland, Rosedale, Spring Valley, Thorp, Warren, Washington, and Woodland.
Clay County
Includes:- Irene, Vermillion, Wakonda, the townships of Bethel, Fairview Garfield, Glenwood, Meckling, Norway, Pleasant Valley, Prairie Center, Riverside, Spirit Mound, Star, Vermillion.
Codington County
Includes:- Florence, Henry, Kranzburg, South Shore, Wallace, Watertown, the townships of Dexter, Eden, Elmira, Fuller, Germantown, Graceland, Henry, Kampeska, Kranzburg, Lake, Leola, Pelican, Phipps, Rauville, Richland, Sheridan, Waverly.
Corson County
Includes:- Bullhead, Little Eagle, McIntosh, McLaughlin, Morristown, the townships of Custer, Delaney, Lake, Mission, Pleasant Ridge, Prairie View, Ridgeland, Rolling Green, Sherman, Wakpala, Watauga, the territories of Central Corson, Lemmon No. 2, Northeast Corson, West Corson.
Custer County
Includes:- Buffalo Gap, Custer, Fairburn, Hermosa, Pringle, in the territories of East Custer and West Custer.
Davison County
Includes:- Ethan, Loomis, Mitchell, Mount Vernon, the townships of Badger, Baker, Beulah, Blenden, John, Lisbon, Mitchell, Mount Vernon, Perry, Prosper, Rome, Union.
Day County
Includes:- Andover, Bristol, Butler, Grenville, Lily, Pierpont, Roslyn, Waubay, Webster, the townships of Andover, Bristol, Butler, Central Point, Egeland, Farmington, Grenville, Highland, Home, Independence, Kidder, Kosciusko, Liberty, Lynn, Morton, Nutley, Oak Gulch, Racine, Raritan, Rusk, Scotland, Troy, Union, Valley, Waubay, Webster, Wheatland, and York.
Deuel County
Includes:- Altamont, Astoria, Brandt, Clear Lake, Gary, Goodwin, Toronto, the townships of Altamont, Antelope Valley, Blom, Brandt, Clear Lake, Glenwood, Goodwin, Grange, Havana, Herrick, Hidewood, Lowe, Norden, Portland, Rome, and Scandanavia.
Dewey County
Includes:- Eagle Butte, Green Grass, Isabel, La Plant, North Eagle Butte, Timber Lake, Whitehorse, the territories of North Dewey and South Dewey.
Douglas County
Includes:- Armour, Corsica, Delmont, Harrison, New Holland, the townships of Belmont, Chester, Clark, East Choleau, Garfield, Grandview, Holland, Independence, Iowa, Joubert, Lincoln, Valley, Walnut Grove, Washington.
Edmunds County
Includes:- Bowdle, Hosmer, Ipswich, Roscoe, the townships of Adrian, Belle, Bowdle, Bryant, Clear Lake, Cleveland, Cloyd, Cortlandt, Cottonwood Lake, Fountain, Glen, Glover, Harmony, Hillside, Hosmer, Hudson, Huntley, Ipswitch, Kent, Liberty, Madison, Modena, Montpelier, North Bryant, Odessa, Pembrook, Powell, Richland, Rosette, Sangamon, Union, and Vermont.
Fall River County
Includes:- Edgemont, Hot Springs, Oelrichs, Ardmore, the townships of Argentine, Provo, Robins, the territories of Northeast Fall River and Southwest Fall River.
Faulk County
Includes:- Chelsea, Cresbard, Faulkton, Onaka, Orient, Rockham, Seneca, Wecota, the townships of Arcade, Bryant, Centerville, Clark, Devoe, Ellisville, Emerson, Enterprise, Fairview, Freedom, Hillsdale, Irving, Lafoon, Myron, O'Neil, Orient, Pioneer, Saratoga, Sherman, Tamworth, Union, Wesley, Zell, the territories of Pulaski and Southwest Faulk.
Grant County
Includes:- Albee, Big Stone City, La Bolt, Marvin, Milbank, Revillo, Stockholm, Strandburg, Twin Brooks, the townships of Adams, Alban, Big Stone, Blooming Valley, Farmington, Georgia, Grant Center, Kilborn, Lura, Madison, Mazeppa, Melrose, Osceola, Stockholm, Troy, Twin Brooks, Vernon.
Gregory County
Includes:- Bonesteel, Burke, Dallas, Fairfax, Fort Randall, Gregory, Herrick, St. Charles, the townships of Burke, Carlock, Dickens, Dixon, Edens, Ellston, Fairfax, Jones, Landing Creek, Pleasant Valley, Star Valley, Whetstone, the territories of East Gregory, North Gregory, Southeast Gregory, Spring Valley.
Haakon County
Includes:- Midland, Philip, in the territories of East Haakon and West Haakon.
Hamlin County
Includes:- Bryant, Castlewood, Estelline, Hayti, Hazel, Lake Norden, the townships of Brantford, Castlewood, Cleveland, Dempster, Dixon, Estelline, Florence, Garfield, Hamlin, Hayti, Norden, Opdahl, and Oxford.
Hand County
Includes:- Miller, Ree Heights, St. Lawrence, the townships of Alden, Alpha, Bates, Burdette, Campbell, Carlton, Cedar, Como, Florence, Gilbert, Glendale, Grand, Greenleaf, Hiland, Holden, Hulbert, Linn, Logan, Midland, Miller, Mondamin, Ohio, Ontario, Park, Pearl, Plato, Pleasant Valley, Ree Heights, Riverside, Rockdale, Rose Hill, St. Lawrence, Spring Hill, Spring Lake, Wheaton, York, and the territory of Northwest Hand.
Hanson County
Includes:- Alexandria, Emery, Farmer, Fulton, the townships of Beulah, Edgerton, Emery, Fairview, Hanson, Jasper, Plano, Rosedale, Springlake, Taylor, Wayne, Worthen.
Harding County
Includes:- Buffalo, Camp Crook, in the territories of North Harding and South Harding.
Hughes County
Includes:- Blunt, Harrold, Pierre, the townships of Raber, Valley, the territories of West Hughes, North Hughes, and Crow Creek.
Hutchinson County
Includes:- Dimock, Freeman, Kaylor, Menno, Milltown, Olivet, Parkston, Tripp, the townships of Capital, Clayton, Cross Plains, Fair, Foster, German, Grandview, Hassel, Kaylor, Kuim, Liberty, Mittown, Molan, Oak Hollow, Pleasant, Sharon, Silver Lake, Starr, Susquehanna, Sweet, Valley, Wittenberg, Wolf Creek.
Hyde County
Includes:- Highmore, the townships of Valley, William Hamilton, the territories of Central Hyde, Crow Creek, and North Hyde.
Jackson County
Includes:- Belvidere, Cottonwood, Interior, Kadoka, Wanblee, the townships of Grandview II, Interior, Jewett, Little Buffalo, Wall, Weta, the territories of East Jackson, Northwest Jackson, Southeast Jackson, and Southwest Jackson.
Jerauld County
Includes:- Alpena, Lane, Wessington Springs, the townships of Alpena, Anina, Blaine, Chery, Crow, Crow Lake, Franklin, Harmony, Logan, Marlar, Media, Pleasant, Viola, Wessington Springs, and the territory of Dale.
Jones County
Includes:- Draper, Murdo, Okaton, the townships of Buffalo, Draper, Dunkel, Grandview, Kolls, Morgan, Mullen, Mussman, Okaton, Scovil, South Creek, Williams Creek, Zickrick, the territories of Central Jones, North Jones, Rich Valley, and Westover.
Kingsbury County
Includes:- Arlington, Badger, Bancroft, De Smet, Erwin, Hetland, Lake Preston, Oldham, the townships of Badger, Baker, Denver, De Smet, Esmond, Hartland, Iroquois, Le Sueur, Manchester, Mathews, Spirit Lake, Spring Lake, Whitewood.
Lake County
Includes:- Madison, Nunda, Ramona, Wentworth, the townships of Badus, Chester, Clarno, Concord, Farmington, Franklin, Herman, Lake View, Le Roy, Nunda, Orland, Rutland, Summit, Wayne, Wentworth, Winfred.
Lawrence County
Includes:- Central City, Deadwood, Lead, North Spearfish, Spearfish, Whitewood, the township of St. Onge, the territories of North Lawrence and South Lawrence.
Lincoln County
Includes:- Beresford, Canton, Fairview, Harrisburg, Hudson, Lennox, Sioux Falls, Tea, Worthing, the townships of Brooklyn, Canton, Dayton, Delapre, Delaware, Eden, Grant, Fairview, Highland, La Valley, Lincoln, Lynn, Norway, Perry, Pleasant, Springdale.
Lyman County
Includes:- Kennebec, Lower Brule, Oacoma, Presho, Reliance, Vivian, the townships of Bailey, Butte, Dorman, Fairland, Ionia, Morningside, Oacoma, Pleasant, Pratt, Reliance, Rex, Rose, Rowe, Sioux, Stony Butte, the territories of Black Dog, Lafayette, Lower Brule, McClure, Northwest Lymman, and South Lyman.
Marshall County
Includes:- Britton, Eden, Lake City, Langford, Veblen, the townships of Buffalo, Dayton, Dumarce, Eden, Fort, Hamilton, Hickman, La Belle, Lake, Lowell, McKinley, Miller, Newark, Newport, Nordland, Pleasant Valley, Red Iron Lake, Sisseton, Stena, Veblen, Victor, Waverly, Weston, White, and Wismer.
McCook County
Includes:- Bridgewater, Canistota, Laurent, Montrose, Salem, Spencer, the townships of Benton, Bridgewater, Brookfield, Canistota, Emery, Grant, Greenland, Jefferson, Pearl, Montrose, Union, Ramsey, Richland, Salem, Spring Valley, Sun Prairie.
McPherson County
Includes:- Eureka, Hillsview, Leola, Long Lake, Wetonka, the townships of Carl, Hoffman, Wachter, Wacker, Weber, the territories of West McPherson and Central McPherson.
Meade County
Includes:- Blackhawk, Box Elder, Ellsworth AFB, Faith, Sturgis, the townships of Dakota, Eagle, Howard, Lakeside, Smithville, Upper Red Owl, the territories of Belle Fourche-Cheyenne Valleys, North Meade, and Southwest Meade.
Mellette County
Includes:- White River, Wood, the townships of Bad Nation, Blackpipe, Butte, Cody, Fairview, Mosher, New Surprise Valley, Norris, Prospect, Red Fish, Ring Thunder, Riverside, Rocky Ford, Rosebud, Running Bird, Surprise Valley, the territories of Cedarbutte and Central Mellette.
Miner County
Includes:- Canova, Carthage, Howard, Roswell, Vilas, the townships of Adams, Beaver, Belleview, Canova, Carthage, Clearwater, Clinton, Grafton, Green Valley, Henden, Howard, Miner, Redstone, Rock Creek, Roswell, Vermillion.
Minnehaha County
Includes:- Baltic, Brandon, Colton, Crooks, Dell Rapids, Garretson, Hartford, Humboldt, Sherman, Sioux Falls, Valley Springs, the townships of Brandon, Benton, Buffalo, Burk, Clear Lake, Dell Rapids, Edison, Grand Meadow, Hartford, Highland, Humboldt, Logan, Lyons, Mapleton, Palisade, Red Rock, Sioux Falls, Split Rock, Sverdrup, Taopi, Valley Springs, Wall Lake, Wayne, Wellington.
Moody County
Includes:- Colman, Egan, Flandreau, Trent, Ward, the townships of Alliance, Blinsmon, Clare, Colman, Egan, Enterprise, Flandreau, Fremont, Grovena, Jefferson, Lone Rock, Lynn, Riverview, Spring Creek, Union, Ward.
Pennington County
Includes:- Ashland Heights, Colonial Pine Hills, Green Valley, Hill City, Keystone, New Underwood, Quinn, Rapid City, Rapid Valley, Wall, Wasta, the townships of Ash, Castle Butte, Cedar Butte, Conata, Crooked Creed, Fairview, Flat Butte, Huron, Imlay, Lake Creek, Lake Flat, Lake Hill, Owanka, Peno, Quinn, Rainy Creek/Cheyenne, Scenic, Shyne, Sunnyside, Wasta, the territories of Central Pennington, Dalzell Canyon, East Central Pennington, Mount Rushmore, Northeast Pennington, Rapid City East, and West Pennington.
Perkins County
Includes:- Bison, Lemmon, the townships of Ada, Anderson, Antelope, Barrett, Beck, Bison, Brushy, Burdick, Cash, Castle Butte, Chance, Chaudoin, Clark, De Witt, Duell, Englewood, Flat Creek, Foster, Fredlund, Glendo, Grand River, Hall, Highland, Horse Creek, Liberty, Lincoln, Lodgepole, Lone Tree, Maltby, Marshfield, Martin, Meadow, Moreau, Plateau, Rainbow, Rockford, Scotch Cap, Sidney, Strool, Trail, Vail, Vickers, Viking, Vrooman, Wells, White Butte, White Hill, Wilson, Wyandotte, the territories of Duck Creek, East Perkins, Independence, Pleasant Valley, South Perkins, Southwest Perkins, West Central Perkins, and West Perkins.
Potter County
Includes:- Gettysburg, Hoven, Lebanon, Tolstoy, the territories of West Potter, Central Potter, and East Potter.
Roberts County
Includes:- Claire City, Corona, New Effington, Ortley, Peever, Rosholt, Sisseton, Summit, White Rock, Wilmot, the townships of Agency, Alto, Becker, Bossko, Bryant, Dry Wood Lake, Easter, Enterprise, Garfield, Geneseo, Goodwill, Grant, Harmon, Hart, Lake, Lawrence, Lee, Lien, Lockwood, Long Hollow, Minnesota, Norway, One Road, Ortley, Sisseton, Springdale, Spring Grove, Summit, Victor, and White Rock.
Sanborn County
Includes:- Artesian, Letcher, Woonsocket, the townships of Alton, Benedict, Butler, Diana, Elliott, Floyd, Jackson, Letcher, Logan, Oneida, Ravenna, Silver Creek, Twin Lake, Union, Warren, Woonsocket.
Shannon County
Includes:- Batesland, Kyle, Manderson-White Horse Creek, Oglala, Pine Ridge, Porcupine, Wounded Knee, in the territories of East Shannon and West Shannon.
Spink County
Includes:- Ashton, Brentford, Conde, Doland, Frankfort, Mellette, Northville, Redfield, Tulare, Turton, the townships of Antelope, Athol, Belle Plaine, Belmont, Benton, Beotia, Buffalo, Capitola, Clifton, Conde, Cornwall, Crandon, Exline, Frankfort, Garfield, Great Bend, Groveland, Harmony, Harrison, Jefferson, Lake, La Prairie, Lincoln, Lodi, Mellette, Northville, Olean, Prairie Center, Redfield, Richfield, Spring, Sumner, Tetonka, Three Rivers, Tulare, Turton, Union.
Stanley County
Includes:- Fort Pierre, the territories of Lower Brule, North Stanley, and South Stanley.
Sully County
Includes:- Agar, Onida, the territories of West Sully and East Sully.
Todd County
Includes:- Antelope, Mission, Parmelee, Rosebud, Spring Creek, St. Francis, Two Strike, White Horse, in the territories of East Todd and West Todd.
Tripp County
Includes:- Colome, Hamill, New Witten, Winner, the townships of Banner, Beaver Creek, Black, Brunson, Bull Creek, Carter, Colome, Condon, Curlew, Dog Ear, Elliston, Greenwood, Holsclaw, Huggins, Ideal, Irwin, Joradn, Kaypaha, King, Lake, Malro, Lincoln, Lone Star, Lone Tree, McNeely, Millboro, New Witten, Pahapesto, Plainview, Pleasant Valley, Pleasant View, Progressive, Rames, Rosedale, Roseland, Star Prairie, Star Valley, Stewart, Sully, Taylor, Valley, Weaver, Willow Creek, Wilson, Winner, Witten, Wortman, Wright, and the territory of Gassman.
Turner County
Includes:- Centerville, Chancellor, Davis, Dolton, Hurley, Marion, Monroe, Parker, Viborg, the townships of Brothersfield, Centerville, Childstown, Daneville, Dolton, Germantown, Home, Hurley, Marion, Middleton, Monroe, Norway, Parker, Rosefield, Salem, Spring Valley, Swan Lake, Turner.
Union County
Includes:- Alcester, Elk Point, Jefferson, North Sioux City, the townships of Alcester, Big Sioux, Big Springs, Bruie, Civil Bend, Elk Point, Emmet, Jefferson, Prairie, Sioux Valley, Spink, Virginia, and the territory of Richland.
Walworth County
Includes:- Akaska, Glenham, Java, Lowry, Mobridge, Selby, in the territories of West Walworth and East Walworth.
Yankton County
Includes:- Gayville, Lesterville, Mission Hill, Utica, Volin, Yankton, the townships of Gayville, Jamesville, Marindahl, Mayfield, Mission Hill, Turkey Valley, Utica, Violin, Walshtown, the territories of Southeast Yankton and West Yankton.
Ziebach County
Includes:- the territories of Dupree, North Ziebach, and South Ziebach.

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